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Empowering Communities, Sustaining the Planet

At Healy® World, we’re not just about providing holistic wellbeing solutions — we’re all about making a difference that lasts. Our dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the heart and soul of everything we do. From reducing waste to empowering communities, we’re ready to create a brighter future for all. Join us as we pave the way towards a world that’s not only healthier but also more sustainable. Let’s make an impact together!

Our Mission

To empower communities and ensure sustainability through innovative health and wellness solutions.

Our Vision

Creating a healthier, more sustainable world for future generations.

Our vision is to empower people to live a healthy, fulfilled and conscious life and to inspire our growing community to make a continuous positive impact on humanity. 

Our Commitment

to a Better Tomorrow


to recyclable or compostable packaging for 100% of our products by 2030.

Ensure 100%

of suppliers meet sustainability criteria by 2032.

Achieve 100%

renewable energy consumption by 2035.

Our CSR Pillars at Healy® World

The cornerstone of our CSR efforts, making a meaningful difference each and every day.


Aiming to reduce our environmental impact through renewable energy, waste minimization and eco-friendly packaging across all operations.

Community Engagement

Supporting initiatives like Die Tafel in Mainz demonstrates our dedication to societal welfare on both local and global scales.


Upholding fair labor, transparent supply chains and customer privacy sets the integrity standard in the wellness industry.


Prioritizing health and happiness with flexible work options, ergonomic spaces and comprehensive benefits underscores our commitment to our team.

Vegan & Vegetarian Values

Championing plant-based choices at all events aligns with our sustainability, health and ethical living principles, promoting positive impacts on wellbeing and the environment.

Diversity & Inclusion

Celebrating and nurturing diversity creates an inclusive workplace where everyone’s strengths are valued, driving innovation and enriching our corporate culture.

Transition to Paperless

Going green by using QR codes instead of paper for our wellness products. This step helps save trees, conserve water and reduce carbon emissions.

Sustainable Product Development

Our Healy devices are made to outlast smartphones. By developing a new Healy only once every seven years, we prioritize quality, durability and environmental responsibility.

Our Impact in Numbers



* According to employee
survey report in 2023


50,35 %


49,28 %


0,37 %



83,33% agree that Healy World makes it possible to have a positive work-life balance



87.50% agree that the working environment at Healy World contributes to their wellbeing.

Global People Survey amongst Healy World employees, 2023

Diversity is not only embraced but celebrated too!

Healy World proudly represents 46 nationalities from all parts of the world with over 35 languages spoken — and counting

How We Measure Success

Success is measured not just by our bottom line, but by the positive impact we have on the planet and its people. Through key metrics like reduced carbon emissions, community health improvement and sustainability achievements, we track our progress. We will be issuing an annual CSR report to detail these accomplishments, reaffirming our commitment to transparency and accountability. 

For Employees 

We empower our team to engage in CSR initiatives through volunteer opportunities and sustainability challenges, including efforts to reduce electricity and water usage in alignment with our environmental goals.

Additionally, we promote physical activity by subsidizing public transportation passes and hosting departmental step challenges with team rewards for top performers. 

For Our Community

Your support fuels our sustainability journey. Take an active role by opting for eco-friendly products, joining us in waste recycling initiatives, or simply spreading awareness about sustainable health practices.

Together, we can make a visible difference for our planet and future generations.rewards for top performers. 

Got Questions?

For more information on our CSR efforts or to get involved, please reach out to us at Together, we can make a lasting difference. 

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