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Frequencies for Your Life

Who We Are

Our story began with a desire to create a better world for individuals seeking a healthy and fulfilling life. We recognized the need for a shift in mindset, one that prioritizes physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. And so, we set out with a vision to make a continuous, positive impact on humanity.

In collaboration with doctors, scientists, and engineers, we design life-enhancing products that deliver frequencies for your life. Our unique solutions aim to promote balance, confidence, and comfort, allowing you to unlock your best selves.

With the determination to make a difference, our mission is to empower people to thrive towards a life of freedom, passion, and joy.

Healy World At a Glance

Empowered Individuals

Join a community of over 360k like-minded people taking charge of their lives through a holistic approach.

Top-Notch Experts

More than 2.500 experts, health consultants and other professionals incorporate the Healy technology in their practices

Global Presence
in +55 Countries

Our brand’s reach extends across the globe, proudly serving our community through our network of business operations spanning 13 countries.

Diverse Teams
of 250 Employees

Our teams of 250 employees from 53 nationalities who speak 22 languages drive our success.

Discover the
Healy for a Wholesome Lifestyle

Marcus Schmieke

The Man Behind the Healy Technology

Marcus Schmieke is the founder and inventor of Healy World, and the man who set the vision for the company when it launched in 2019. Since then, Marcus has dedicated himself to developing and building upon the technology designed to make holistic wellbeing accessible to individuals around the world.

A graduate of physics and philosophy in Heidelberg and Hannover, Marcus took a trip to India, where he lived the life of a monk in monasteries to gain deep insights into the spiritual side of the world and learn about consciousness. From the inspiration he found in his experience as well as in the works of German physicist Burkhard Heim, Russian physicist Nikolai Kozyrev and other expert scientists, Marcus incorporated his knowledge and expertise into the core concept behind the Healy World products.

Marcus is also the founder of TimeWaver, in addition to two institutes for consciousness research: Institute for Applied Consciousness Research (IACR) & Existential Consciousness Research (ECR) Institute. A testament to his dedication in this field, Marcus has authored 25 books in 10 languages about the connection of mind, matter, and other spiritual and scientific subjects. To this day, he continues to give lectures on scientific, philosophical and medical topics, inspiring thousands globally as they journey towards a more conscious lifestyle.

The Experts Fueling Our Innovation

We work closely with a well-rounded network of experts, who have come together to form advisory boards, provide their expert analyses and participate in the conception of the products.

All the way from Portugal, Germany, Norway, the United States and more, our experts range from clinic directors and practitioners to educators and pioneers. However, one thing is common among them: their interest and research in the application of microcurrents and frequencies make them the perfect fit in the Healy World.


Advisory Board

Made up of a team of experts in fields related to energy- and Information Field technology, the Scientific Advisory Board provide direction and ideas for further research and development in these areas.

Holistic Health

Advisory Board

The Holistic Health Advisory Board consists of a group of experts who share their knowledge and skills from decades of experience using this technology and studying its benefits.

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