Compliance & Whistleblowing

Our commitment to transparency and integrity at Healy World

Why is compliance important?

In direct selling, compliance is critical to ensure the trust and protection of our customers and prospects. At Healy World, we take this responsibility very seriously. A unique challenge for direct selling companies like ours is ensuring compliance across hundreds of thousands of independent sales members. Our compliance department ensures that all of our business practices not only comply with legal requirements, but also meet high industry standards. In particular, we attach great importance to ensuring that communication on social media platforms is transparent and responsible. As a Healy World customer, prospective customer or independent member (IHWM), you can therefore be sure that you can always rely on our integrity and reliability.

A team that understands you

Our compliance team not only acts as a supervisory authority in the digital world, especially in social media, but is above all your partner.

We are here to help you as an IHWM to easily understand and effectively implement the Healy World rules of conduct as set out in our Rules of Conduct. Our goal is to provide you with the support you need to make your business with us run smoothly and successfully.

Training and support

Within our sector, it’s imperative that the information we disseminate is both precise and realistic. In particular, our IHWMs must not make false or exaggerated claims about our products or set unrealistic expectations about earning potential.

To ensure this, we provide regular training in our Academy and extensive resources in the BackOffice. These measures are designed to keep you well informed and give you a sense of security, both when using and recommending our products.

Contact us

Your well-being and trust are our top priority!

If you want to report a compliance case, you can reach us at any time via our official social media channels (Facebook, Instagram) or by email at

Please note that these reports are not related to your Healy device or general inquiries. For such inquiries, our customer support team is still available via the Chatbox, the email address or your BackOffice.

Healy World’s

whistleblowing platform

At Healy World, clear vision, mission and values are at the heart of our corporate philosophy.

Integrity is essential and we expect every employee to perform their duties conscientiously and responsibly.

To promote these values, we have set up the Whistleblowing Hotline – a central point of contact for integrity issues for employees, members of IHWM and our suppliers.

Employee and

supplier code of ethics

Employees receive our Code of Ethics and Whistleblowing Guide, which explain in detail the process for reporting concerns.

IHWM have access to their “Rules of Conduct” via their BackOffice, which contain all relevant information.

Suppliers receive these guidelines together with our Code of Suppliers.

All codes define common values and standards that guide our actions and ensure that everyone involved knows what is expected of them.

Integration of the Supply Chain Act into our whistleblowing system

Although our company is not directly subject to the Supply Chain Act, we are firmly committed to careful monitoring of all stages of our supply chain. We are convinced that proactive auditing and transparency in our business processes are essential to prevent human rights violations and environmental damage. Our whistleblowing system supports these efforts by enabling employees and external partners to report concerns and violations confidentially. This ensures that our business practices always meet our high ethical standards.

Want to report a possible violation?

Report grievances safely and confidentially, without fear of negative consequences. The following types of grievances should be reported:

Violations of antitrust laws

Money laundering or violations of trade sanctions

Data protection violations

Environmental, health and safety concerns

Human rights violations

Violations of the Healy World Code of Conduct

Fraud’s suspicion

Bribery and corruption

Abuse of power and conflicts of interest

Bullying or discrimination


Disclosure of confidential business information

Retaliation against whistleblowers who raise their concerns in good faith

Anonymous reporting

Depending on the specific data protection requirements and legal provisions of your country, you can report anonymously. When submitting a report, please  include as many pertinent details as possible to facilitate prompt and efficient processing by the investigator.

Consequences for violations

Healy World takes violations of our Code of Ethics very seriously. Non-compliant behavior will be dealt with consistently, but our disciplinary actions are always fair and appropriate. We protect whistleblowers who act in good faith and treat all reports in strict confidence to maintain the integrity of our reporting process.

Do you discover violations? Let us know at Note, however, that these reports do not involve your Healy device. For device questions, contact the Customer Support Team via Chatbox, email ( or your back office.

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