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When you try to connect Healy for the first time, you see (in red): “Anderes” device.

“Anderes” is German for “other”, it means “other device”. There are two reasons why this could happen:  

1) The first reason may be that there are too many devices in your vicinity. The Healy App is scanning for about 10 seconds and then shows you all the devices it picked up during this time. If there are many devices present and it didn’t pick up yours, it shows “Anderes” / other device.  

2) If no other devices are in near, then the serial number which is coded into the Healy device might be wrong, or the serial number printed on the back of your Healy is wrong. This can be easily tested by using the HealAdvisor Analyse App. Start the HealAdvisor Analyse App and check which serial number is displayed. If the serial number doesn’t match the serial number on the back of your Healy, you know you have a serial number mismatch. If you then manually key in the serial number shown in the HealAdvisor Analyse App, it will connect ok. If the serial number format as displayed in the HealAdvisor Analyse App doesn’t match the format 01:01:01:XX:XX:XX, you may have a faulty device that needs to be replaced by Customer Support.

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