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What is Demo mode?

Demo mode is a new feature allowing you to use the HealAdvisor Analyse App for demonstration purposes. In this mode, you are not logging into your personal account and there is no need to import a master key. Instead, you are directly redirected to the “Sync Changes” screen and then you can use the app for a seamless demonstration experience.

In Demo mode, no data is being sent to the Cloud. The Clients and Lists that you create here will only be stored on your smartphone device and will be permanently deleted from your smartphone after you log into your “real” personal account again.

To use Demo mode, go to the “I have a Healy” screen (if you were previously logged into your personal account, first make sure that your master key is saved and then go to Settings – Cloud Settings – Logout). After pressing “I have a Healy”, you will see a new screen with the options to “Login” and to “Start a demo”. The “Login” option leads you to the standard login screen, whereas the “Start a demo” option immediately leads you to the “Sync Changes” screen. You can ascertain whether you are in Demo mode by checking if the word “DEMO” can be seen on the bottom right corner of the screen. To exit Demo mode, go to Settings – Cloud Settings – Logout.

Please note that if you exit Demo mode and re-enter it (without logging into your personal account in the meantime), previously stored data from Demo mode will still be visible. To entirely remove it, you have to exit Demo mode, log into your personal account, logout of the personal account and then re-enter Demo mode again.

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