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OUTDATED What information from the Assistant affects the Shopping list?

The recommended foods are based on the Digital Nutrition programs you added to „My Programs“. When you finish the Assistant, it will recommend programs to you that you can add to „My Programs“. Another way to add programs is through the Digital Nutrition Search function. Furthermore, the nutritional type and intolerances you selected on the Assistant screen will affect the Shopping list in such a way that it will not include foods which do not fit your nutritional type and/or to which you have an intolerance.


The content displayed by the HealAdvisor app does not constitute medical diagnoses and is meant as recommendations only. The medical diagnosis and treatment is the sole responsibility of medical professionals. The displayed Healy programs, substances and foods are only recommendations that depend on the user input. In the case of food intolerances, allergies, incompatibilities or diseases, the recommendations of the HealAdvisor App must always be evaluated by a physician.

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