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Steps to Activate device with existing Master Device

The Master Device is a smartphone device that already has access to a particular account in HealAdvisor Analyse App, meaning that its master key match the master key on the Cloud.
The option “Activate device with existing Master Device” is an alternative way to access accounts through which you are not required to manually import the master key. However, for this to work, it is required that another device already has access to the particular account and then manually authorizes the other device to access it.

To connect to the Master Device,  it is first necessary that the Master Device is connected to the App and is in “Settings – Cloud settings – Connected Cloud devices”. Now the device that is looking to connect to the Master Device to gain access to the account needs to press “Activate device with existing Master Device””. At that point, when the wheel starts spinning, this information is sent over to the Master Device where in “Connected Cloud devices” a new device should appear. Once the user manually authorizes access, this information is sent from the Master Device to the device that is looking for access to the account, which will then be allowed to enter the account. The wheel stops spinning and it allows you to proceed further.

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