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Synchronization options in HealAdvisor Analyse App

There are a few different synchronization options in the HealAdvisor Analyse App:

Use mobile data connection for sync       - if Wi-fi is not available, use mobile data for all synchronizations done between the App and the Cloud
Automatic sync                                           - scheduled automatic synchronization of latest changes to the Cloud, happens in the background
List sync enabled                                        - when synchronizing to the Cloud it uploads the lists as well. If disabled, lists will not be synchronized to the Cloud
Sync changes                                              - manual synchronization of latest changes to the Cloud
Full synchronization                                   - manual synchronization of all data between the Cloud and the App
Upload all data to the Cloud                     - manual upload of all data to the Cloud

Please note that Automatic sync does all the necessary day-to-day synchronizations of the App and Cloud data on its own. If enabled, it is not necessary to manually carry out any of the other synchronizations unless there is a sync issue.

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