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Why do some Healy app programs transmit/load very quickly?

You might be wondering why some programs transmit/load very quickly when started with the Healy app.

This happens with programs that use only a small amount of frequencies (example: Insomnia has 1 frequency), so the data that needs to be transmitted from the Healy app to Healy is very small. Most programs have many more frequencies or steps and require a longer transmission/loading time.
Most of the Healy programs use a larger number of frequencies, like all Gold Cycle programs, all Bioenergetic Balance 1 and 2 programs, all Meridian 1 and 2 programs, as well as some others.

The programs with only 1-2 frequencies are usually pain/local stimulation programs or any programs that have "acute" in their name.

Note: the programs with only a few frequencies don't have a 3 circle symbol on the top right of their icon, but programs that are systemic (many frequencies) show this icon:

Therefore, this should not be an issue. An issue here would be if the transmission is very short for a program that should have more frequencies, and that the frequencies don't change or even don't appear during the treatment. In this case, reset your Healy.
Please note that if you transmit the same program twice, it is not transmitted again because it is already present in your Healy and therefore loads quickly.

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