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It is not possible to create clients

Firstly make sure that your Healy is connected to the HealAdvisor Analyse App. To connect it, go to Settings - Connect to Healy (turn on your Healy device).

After doing so, go to Settings - Cloud Settings and do "Full Synchronization". During this process, you might notice the progress bar freezing at certain percentages but this is normal. After Full Synchronization is finished, go back to Clients and try to create a Client.

If you have a small phone screen size and are not able to press on the "Record vibration +" icon, go to your Phone Settings - Display - Font and make your font size a bit smaller (the location of this setting may depend on your smartphone device). After doing so retry with creating a Client. If the button still does not appear properly for you, send the following to Support: a) screenshot of the issue where the button is not visible and b) your phone model and phone software version information (e.g. Samsung S9, Android 9.0.0).

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