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I ordered the Bioenergetic Revitalization subscription and cannot get it to load. The buttons are greyed out

If you purchased a subscription, but it does not appear to be activated in the Apps, first check if the email address through which you purchased the subscription matches the email address you are using to log into the App. If the subscription also contains Healy programs, then check if the serial number of the Healy device to which you assigned the subscription when purchasing it matches the serial number of the Healy device you are using.  

If you are using the correct account to log on to the App and you can connect to your Healy in the Healy App, but the subscriptions are still not activated, please try restarting the App, logging out and logging back into the App and check if your internet connection is working properly.  

If the issue persists, try again in 2 hours or reach out to Customer Support.

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